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NDA: Minor Anniversary

  • LMNL Gallery 1526 Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA (map)

In February 2015, the artist NDA moved to Philadelphia. Immediately, he made his presence felt. Thanks to a series of hand-painted wheatpastes and ad disruptions, NDA has staked his claim as one of the most noteworthy street artists in the city.

NDA reflects on his year in Philadelphia with Minor Anniversary, NDA’s diary of the friendly faces, characters, and environments he has come across this past year. While he’s still a relative newcomer to Philly, NDA’s keen eye captures the city and its people in a way that even lifetime Philadephians will appreciate.

Whether he’s drawing, painting, or sculpting, the best way to describe NDA’s practice is collage. His focus in Minor Anniversary is on portraiture, but his portraits rely as much on the texture and landscape of the city as the people in it. Whether he is using brick patterns on top of a silhouette or replacing half of someone’s face with a street sign, NDA has developed ways to capture people by depicting their surroundings. The final element is humor. NDA injects lighthearted gags throughout his work that keep you guessing. When you think he’s come up with a new body of deeply contemplative work, his next painting has the same style, plus a silly face drawn right on top of it.

With Minor Anniversary, NDA takes his work to new heights. With experiments across styles and mediums from one of the most buzzed-about artists in the city, Minor Anniversary promises to be a First Friday highlight.

NDA is muralist living and working out of Philadelphia, PA. His bright, expressive work can be seen around the world. Recent projects have brought him to London, Portugal, Norway, Mexico, Tennessee, New York and now Philadelphia.

Minor Anniversary opened at LMNL Gallery on February 5th, First Friday, from 6-9pm. The exhibition will remain on view through February 26th by appointment.