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Adam Wallacavage: Shipwrecks of Unicorn Beach

There is a beach, out along the Shore, called Unicorn Beach. That’s where Adam Wallacavage goes to find his shipwrecks.

It’s been over a decade since acclaimed photographer, sculpture, and Philadelphia icon Adam Wallacavage has had a solo show of his photography. Now, he’s back with Shipwrecks of Unicorn Beach, a mysterious series of still life photography conceived for Instagram in 2014. Shipwrecks of Unicorn Beach opened at LMNL Gallery in Philadelphia on November 6th, 2015.

Shipwrecks of Unicorn Beach began as a series of heavily-filtered Instagram photographs, shipwrecks that Wallacavage staged on a beach using model ships and documented. Now, for the first time, he is taking the series into the gallery.

With Shipwrecks of Unicorn Beach, Wallacavage pleasantly tricks the eye and sparks the imagination. By removing any evidence of man (except the ships) from most of the series, scale becomes difficult to determine and it’s unclear how old the photographs are, or whether the ship might be real. Although Wallacavage makes no secret of how the series is made, his fans often still ask where they can track down these abandoned wrecks for themselves. Even knowing the truth, each photograph begs to be investigated closely for clues and stories, and the hope remains that the scenes are “real”. Like Wallacavage’s sculpture, these images draw you in with their combination of nostalgia and mystery.

Shipwrecks of Unicorn Beach opened at LMNL Gallery on November 6th, 2015. The exhibition will remain on view through December 31st by appointment.

LMNL Gallery is located at 1526 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA.

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